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Improved Basement Dryness

Having a faulty sump pump when the weather gets wet can mean trouble for your basement. Super Rooter will make sure your existing pump is in good condition, or, if required, install a new one as well.

  • Service, maintenance, and repair for existing pumps

  • Installation of sump pumps

  • Well pump installation

  • Battery-operated pumps

  • Water-pressure-operated pumps

  • Constant pressure systems

  • Submersible pumps

Expert sump pump service

Keep your entire system running smoothly. Better the quality of your installations, lesser the chances that you'll be calling us again in the future.


We offer a 1-year labor warranty, so be sure to let us know right away if you feel something is wrong.

Sewer ejector pump installations

Get emergency service within 1 hour

We offer 24/7 emergency service!